Designed and made in Oz, We Are Handsome is known for wow swimwear with vibrant photographic prints. Featuring everything from penguins and poppy fields to flamingoes and panthers, the bikinis, bodies and swimsuits are worn by the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Diane Kruger and everyone in between. We caught up with the designers – husband-and-wife duo, Jeremy and Katinka Somers – ahead of Australian Fashion Week to find out what they had to say about their forthcoming collection, and in the meantime, you can shop 'em here.

The easiest part about making a collection is [that it’s] new. We have such a rich environment to draw upon.

The harder part is ensuring it fits within our known aesthetic. This season we went back to the drawing board with our We Are Handsome fundamentals and we’ve built something new and fresh from there. The result is a collection that will surprise and delight our audience.

In three words, our upcoming collection is bold, contrasting and striking. 

The most different thing about this collection is that we've explored a more graphic heavy direction and tailored each piece with contrast finishes. We've included a couple of more athletic styles plus expanded our offering to include a range of ready to wear pieces. 

We think the main trends this fashion week will be neutral shades and muted colour palettes. In terms of the style we think there will be a focus on clean lines and shapes with lots of attention to the garment's finish. Flow will be the word of the season. 

Our favourite fashion bloggers are Shinebythree by Margaret Zhang, Harper & Harley by Sara Donaldson. 

Our favourite websites are,, and

Our favourite publications are Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Oyster & ID

And our interests bedsides design include spending time outdoors with our dogs, Crossfit, cooking & travel!