The future Mrs West took time out of her busy schedule to give her 13 million Instagram followers a spot of beauty know-how. The new Vogue cover girl posted a mid-way made-up selfie over the weekend showing how she uses shadows and light to achieve #flawless cheekbones. Check out our quick five-step tutorial and try it out yourself...

1. Apply foundation as you normally would, and, once it dries, use a dark concealer under your eyes to paint a small triangle shape. Blend or pat into your skin, depending on how much depth you’re looking to add.

2. Dust a bronzer or foundation two shades darker than your skin under your cheekbones. Angle towards your upper ear.

3. Swirl and smudge a white crème/ illuminator to the same areas Kim K has in the below picture. This will accentuate the natural shape of your face while bringing the highlighted areas forward. (Also, this brings attention to your eyes!)

4. Blend in and over the white areas with a translucent or highlighting powder.

5. Apply bronzer or blush to your cheeks as you would normally.