Excuse us, please—we are having a serious fashion fangirl moment here! We caught up with Greta Larkins, the incredible talent behind inimitable animation tumblr FashGif. As its name would suggest, FashGif is filled with playful GIF action that subtly (and wittily!) animates fashion both on and off the runway.

Clearly, we’re not the only ones obsessed. The Melbourne-based artist has collaborated with Calvin Klein, Kenzo and as of today, us. Check out some of her fave ASOS buys (in GIF form!) below, and read our chat with her about what, exactly, makes a fashion blog unique...

How did the idea for FashGif come about?

It was a Saturday afternoon in 2011 and a week earlier I'd made my first GIF and couldn't get over how fun it was, so I thought, "I'm going to start a Tumblr!" I'd been working in product design and trend forecasting for some time so fashion seemed the most obvious choice, thus FashGif.

You’ve worked with some pretty high-profile fashion brands. What gives a blog cut-through in the fashion space?

Consistency, unique content and/or a fresh perspective. People want to know what they'll get from your site; if it's consistent they'll keep coming back and interact. People are also after quality; so many great blogs feel like magazines - proof read, double check, triple check and no blurry photos!

How do you keep your posts fresh and original?

I'm very lucky in a sense that because I (almost) exclusively animate runway images for my site my content is in the hands of the designers and brands each season! Usually a really outstanding runway look will trigger a new idea but there are definitely some GIF styles I repeat on the site, some themes and through-lines!

Where do you look to for inspiration?

I always try to research the brand and collection I'm about to animate which helps trigger ideas (reading reviews is a must!) but if I'm really stuck for ideas I'll often make a playlist that matches the brand, or at least how I perceive them, this helps get me thinking. If I'm super stuck I find it's important to get away from my computer and go for a walk. Good ideas appear at the strangest times, often when I'm asleep. 

Who are your favourite designers – Australian and international?

Locally I love Limedrop, Romance Was Born, Karen Walker (not quite Australian!), Edgeley and Nevada Duffy to name a few. Internationally I'm a big Christopher Kane fan. And you can't go past Prada! Actually I love so many brands we'll be here all day...

What are you most looking forward to at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia next week?

I like to see how local designers tackle clothing for our really, really hot weather. There's a freshness to Australian brands, a lightness. I'm most excited by labels who aren't heavily influenced by other brands or decades but by their immediate environment and interests.

What do you think the main trends this winter will be?

Well it seems like the 1960s are going to have (another!) revival which is always fun. Shearling is showing through too. Texture and interesting fabric looks so great at the moment; mixing and matching different fabrics is a great update for people who love clashing prints. And huge coats! I love when it gets cold as I have an unhealthy stash of winter clothing. Comfortable boots look like they're about to takeover as well. Phew!

Who are your favourite fashion bloggers?

I'm a bit biased to the Tumblr community and just love Where I See Fashion and Ubicouture. Actually I'm a bit old school with blogs; everyday I check Into The Gloss, Into The Fashion, Red Carpet Fashion Awards, Style Bubble and Sea of Shoes. I only recently discovered Bip Ling, how behind am I?!

What are your top 5 wardrobe essentials?