We’re sorry to break it to you, but the time has come to start thinking about your winter coat. Mornings are getting chillier every day, but n case you're not ready for some full-on trench action look to Kristen Stewart for a little outwear know-how. The Twilight actress was positively beaming yesterday as she skipped down the road in her trans-seasonal jacket of choice, the Harrington.

The Harrington is the latest obsession you can pilfer from the boy's side of ASOS (or, just their wardrobe). Simple, lightweight and lined with plaid, it is not only cool in a natty-off-kilter way, but it has the added bonus of being the favourite cover-up of such pre-eminent hotties as Damon Albarn and Steve McQueen. Gimme. 

Harrington jacket not your thing? Check out how to work the slouchy mac, here.