We get it. The mid-week blues have arrived and 3.30-itis has you reaching for the trusty old cookie jar. Here’s something even sweeter than shortbread sugar-fix: Melissa Joan Hart and Britney Spears hanging out on the Sabrina the Teenage Witch set back in '99. We know we don’t have to explain why this has been our best find online all day (duh!) but here’s why this #WaybackWednesday (totally a thing, you guys!) pic is just epic

1. Ms Britney Jean looks so very SS14, sampling the fondant fancies trend 15 years before it hit the runway—pastels, a crop and high-waisted pink pants cover pretty much all the trends we’re coveting right now.

2. Melissa Joan Hart looks red-hot, matching her lips with a steezy cropped tee. Also, please note the boxy sleeve detail—cool-girl perfection.

3. Sculpted brow goodness. Yeah the pic is side-on, and yeah, we know bleached brows are having a moment, but the two finish their glossy make-up looks with full, full-on brows. Want, need.