Nothing says fresh start like a hair change and one person who literally started 2014 with a bang was model Joan Smalls, who aired her impeccably 2000s blunt bangs at Beyoncé and Jay Z’s NYE party. Meanwhile British singer Foxes, performing in Las Vegas over the holiday, never fails to induce bang pangs with her bouncy '60s-style blow-dry. So which will you go for if you’re thinking of a brand new 'do? Let’s talk maintenance:

Joan Smalls' blunt bangs: Straying far from your straighteners is brave unless you've had some kind of chemical treatment. Serums and shine sprays are your BFFs. 

Foxes' bouncy bangs: Volume is very important in both the bangs and the hair department. Keep things pumped with a roller brush, hairdryer and lightweight hairspray.