She's not the first and probably won't be the last. Kim Kardashian is the latest celeb to rock the skirt over trousers look in a Givenchy (what else?!) skirt and Legging Boots by Tamara Mellon. Ok, so her outfit's not strictly comprised of, well, trousers but if reality TV's royal is onto it, we can safely say that this style's officially a thing. If you recall, Gwen Stefani trailblazed this look back in 98 at the MTV VMAs before it exploded around the Millennium and then disappeared from view. Fast forward to the SS14 catwalks, howevs, and Marques'Almeida resurfaced the look with surfer-girl baggy jeans under a super-Noughties slip dress. And just last month, Emma Watson took it to the red carpet in Dior at the Golden Globes (all floaty amazingness over a cropped cigarette pant). We haven't stumbled across a style so controversial since the socks 'n' sandals resurrection! So... you down?  

Pictures: Instagram/KimKardashian, Rex, Getty