It’s just your average day in Brunswick, really… hipsters in tattered black garb, freelancers typing in chic cafés and, you know, BEYONCE HERSELF posing on Beith St, wearing a shiny white leotard and fur coat. 

A sneaky mobile upload of the universally loved superstar/ possible Illuminati-rep-on-Earth in front of one of the Melbourne suburb’s homes has just hit Facebook thanks to the friendly folk at Hungry Birds café

Pru Jopson, from Hungry Birds, actually saw Beyoncé IRL and gave us an eye-witness account of what we already knew: “She was amazing. She looked really glamorous and the contrast between her and the house was amazing. It was really cold and she was in the leotard [and] it blew my mind!” Ours too, Pru. Ours too.