It’s that time of year again! Whether you’re a race-day regular, secret fan, or a first-timer, here are a few things we’ve learnt about a day on the tracks.

Experiment with new hair and make-up looks – never worn false lashes? Try them. Always wanted to wear OTT headwear? Now’s the time. Get in on the dramatic action by playing with an embellished fascinator, Alice bands or hats topping off your crowning glory. 

Pack light, live large! Only pack bare essentials in your bag for the day… even if that means your bare essentials call for an oversized clutch.

Wear amazing (non-stiletto) shoes. Wedges, flats, sandals, chunky flatforms – anything to avoid the heel-stuck-in-lawn scenario.

Take a punt. Back a horse that has the same name as you, holds numerological significance or is just really pretty.

Try and sneak into the VIP area. It’s worth it.

Ask yourself, what would Blair Waldorf do? Queen B is race ready on a bad day.