Alvy Singer isn't the only one taken by Annie Hall's charming eclecticism! Olivia Wilde channeled Diane Keaton's classic Woody Allen character in head-to-toe Michael Kors at the New York Film Festival this week - and we're in love. Why it works: wearing taupe wide-legged pants and a crisp white button-up, Wilde gave a polished update to the boy-meets-girl look. Note: wide legs work best teamed with heeled or chunky-soled footwear, and a simple option up top to make the most of that long lean silhouette.

Famously, Keaton - much to the chagrin of Annie Hall's costume designer, Ruth Morley - dressed herself for the role, becoming an unlikely fashion icon in the era of platforms and polyester. Critics have described her style as 'Chaplin-esque' but we'd say it was more... prophetic.