The haunted Lambert family is back! With Halloween on the horizon, there's no better time to slip into scary movie mode - and it doesn't get much creepier than Insidious: Chapter 2, set to hit cinemas in a matter of weeks. All-round Aussie legend Rose Byrne has just given us a sneak peak into the genuinely terrifying world of the film, which sees her and Patrick Wilson reprise their roles as Renai and Josh, a married-with-kids couple who live in a haunted house and can't shake their connection to a, well, insidious, psycho-spiritual realm. Here's just one of the bone-chilling, eye-wateringly creeped-out scenes from the thriller, produced by the same homegrown horror team that brought usThe Conjuring and Saw.If you're a fan of genuinely terrifying supernatch thrillers, watch...if you dare!

Insidious: Chapter 2 airs in cinemas nationally from November 7.