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You haven't heard of 23-year-old Stacy yet, but believe us, come next season, she'll be everywhere. The Parisian model-turned-actress is set to play Shia LaBoeuf's lover in the star-studded, NSFW Lars Von Triers film Nymphomaniac (which is all about, well, sex). With everyone talking about those posters and the international film's release date this week, we caught up with the up-and-coming actress to talk about fashion shows and slankets...


Who is your style icon?
'People often compare me to Jane Birkin, but I've never actively tried to style myself after her. Maybe it's subliminal because I look up to strong women like Marianne Faithfull and Patti Smith, so there's got to be a link somewhere.' 

Which other actors' style do you admire?
'I'd say Kristin Scott Thomas. She always looks beautiful without having to wear anything crazy.' 

What's your current favourite piece in your wardrobe?
'A vintage 60s dress from Dreamtime in Angel, London.' 

Picture: Getty


Did you go to any Fashion Week shows? 
'I went to my first fashion show a few weeks ago – it was Chanel SS14.' 

Have you done any fancy red-carpet events yet? 
'The Chanel show was the closest I've been to one, so far. It was a very different experience to what I'm used to. Normally, I do my own make-up and wear my own clothes so to have a whole team dedicated to "making you up" for one event is quite incredible.' 

Pictured at the Chanel SS14 show

Picture: Getty


Do you have a piece of clothing that you just can't throw away?
'I have a pair of jeans that I wear religiously because they are so easy to wear and I don't have to think about anything when I wake up.' 

What current trends are you into?
'Anything that looks like a blanket with sleeves and feels snuggly!'

Pictured: promotional posters for Nymphomaniac

Picture: AllStar

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