If you’re a) a guy, b) live with a girl and c) ever had a shower, there’s a 400% chance you’ve indulged in her (probably expensive) shampoo and conditioner. Or maybe you’ve taken a sneaky dab of her (definitely expensive) moisturiser (“It’s like I’m hydrating my face with money”). Whether it’s your girlfriend, female housemate or your mum, chances are there’s a woman in your life who owns more bathroom products than you, that all smell good and work great.

We understand the appeal to want to nab yourself a five-finger discount – but that doesn’t mean you should carry on using them. With all the a-grade men’s grooming gear on the market, there’s no excuse for you not to have your own killer bathroom kit. Here are five bathroom products you probably steal from her, and some men’s alternatives to stock up on instead. The woman in your life will thank you for it. Maybe she’ll even start using your stuff.