Fashion has always been in love with the past and, each season, one decade or another rises to the top of every menswear designer’s hit list. Right now, it’s the 70s. From Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent  – whose boho collection was the stuff of psych rock dreams – to the flares seen everywhere from Gucci to Raf Simons, the ‘decade that taste forgot’ is well and truly back. Their muses? The 70s giants of style who inspired nations every time they got dressed in the morning – our top five of which are below.

Even if you’re not partial to a navel-baring shirt or ankle-drowning bellbottom, there are key takeaways from these dudes’ looks that you can incorporate seamlessly into your everyday wardrobe – a little flair here, a touch of flamboyance there. See why their style was so inspiring below, and get on board with the 70s soul train revival. Groovy.