In Britain during 1964, the second bank holiday of May saw gangs of mods and rockers descending on the seaside resorts of Brighton, Margate and Broadstairs for a great big ruck. This was either a defining moment in the growth of British youth style and culture, a terrifying sign of impending teenage rebellion or a confected confrontation whipped up by a story-starved tabloid media – depending on your perspective.

Over 50 years on, mod and rocker styles remain a key touchstone for men's fashion, only with none of the violence and – outside of a few hardy scene die-hards – little of the tribalism of old (indeed latter-day menswear heroes, like Alex Turner, borrow liberally from both traditions). Which means the old 'mod or rocker' question carries with it none of the fraught implications of before and allows you to pick one (or both) of the below looks purely on the grounds of personal taste. Rock on!