You know what's hot right now? Long hair on dudes. You know what's in no way a hassle-free grooming trend...?

There's the tricky and tedious growing out stage. The several extra minutes of brushing and hair-drying added to your morning routine. The question of what to do with it when you're playing sport or having a less-than-glossy locks day (answer: a man bun, obvs). That awkward moment when someone mistakes you for a girl from behind (pro tip: laugh it off. They're more embarrassed about the mix-up than you are. Like spiders and fear).

But stick with it and you'll soon be stepping out in style, looking like a member of a cool new band, and prompting raging bouts of #hairenvy in all your female friends. Great stuff. To inspire you on your journey to lush follicular excess, here's our countdown of the five finest exponents of the long-hair game right now.