Skinny jeans: the hot favourite among style-conscious teens and indie bands everywhere. In short, an immortal fashion staple if ever there was one.

Whether you're naturally as thin as a whippet or you have to lie down on the floor to get yours on, skinny jeans are also known for their comfort factor. We’re not joking. Ours in particular come in a stretch fabric that means you don’t have to wear them 45 times to ‘break them in’.

Of course, skinnies come in a variety of colours, but we're loving this light blue wash. And, as it seems we're in for a warm September, this pair will help keep the summer vibe going. Wear yours with a trusty pair of canvas plimsolls and a classic sweater or shirt to keep things accessible and cool, just like Mr Harry Styles.

And if you don’t usually tend to take your style cues from members of One Direction, then maybe take a look at some other cuts and jean shapes. The skinny is best worn by young men in their prime – unless you're Mick Jagger, of course.