Robert Pattinson won't dress up unless he has to. One of the most appealing things about the 28-year-old actor, aside from his increasingly excellent post-Twilight project choices, is that he really doesn't give a flip.

He'll mouth off in interviews, refuse to pull on a fake smile while walking the red carpet and will reach for his favourite hoodie and Adidas kicks before a suit, any day of the week. He's all about the comfort and that's gotta be respected.

However, even Rob does acknowledge that he has to dress up now and again. But that same search for comfort is visible in his choice of formalwear, too. This simple two-button, midnight blue suit – worn to the premiere of his latest film, Maps To The Stars – is next-level classic. Team it with a dark blue shirt and a pair of black Derbies and it becomes a relaxed-yet-cool ensemble that'll work pretty much anywhere, at any time.