Unless you’ve rented out your supermarket's frozen pizza aisle for the summer, you’ll have noticed it’s been rather warm lately. But just because it’s too warm to find a cold side of the pillow doesn’t mean you have to turn your back on black, if that’s your signature colour. 

Yes, traditionally speaking it's a winter hue, which acts as a bit of seasonal camouflage for those of us reluctant to peacock around town in garish tones when the weather’s naff. But that doesn't mean its cool and understated charms can't work when the sun shines, too. Indeed, black is one of the hottest shades to clad yourself in this spring and summer. And remember, the idea that it’s a poor choice for sweltering days (thanks to its heat-conducting qualities) is a myth, especially if – like these celebs – you know to keep your fabrics and cuts light and breezy. 

Let’s take a look at the famous faces who are all about keeping it cool in black.