When David Beckham got his neck tattooed with a simple winged cross in 2004, no one could have predicted how, 10 years on, the trend would evolve to become the final inky frontier in terms of body art. Indeed, for guys who already have a sleeve (or two), and a torso covered in tatts, an intricate throat or neck piece has replaced the beard as the finishing touch to a hard-edged look.
But given the prominent position of these tattoos and how difficult they are to disguise (scarf, anyone?), selecting a design you’re prepared to have on show for the rest of your life is, well, pretty important.
Here are five men who took the plunge and got their throats inked. There’s no disputing how rad these patterns are, but head to Twitter and let us know if you’ll be shaving off your beard and framing your face with one of these anytime soon.