We’ve already advised you on a stylish wardrobe to take on your next weekend city break. But if you're hopping on a plane and looking to save cash and time by shuttling your summer holiday threads in your hand luggage, the airlines have laid down some rather tricky size and weight restrictions to contend with.
But fear not, our frugal chums – you can still fit everything needed for a quick sojourn somewhere sunny in your cabin baggage if you get clever with your packing. You see, it’s all about rolling with it. Literally – you have to roll everything. From T-shirts to trousers, socks to pants, the way to economise on space is to roll and tuck everything into neat, sausage-like parcels. Then, when you reach your hotel, put your clothes on hangers and leave them to steam in the shower, allowing all the creases to fall out.
Take a look at the video below for tips on how to pack your hand luggage with the all the flair of a frequent flier.