We imagine Tinie Tempah gets ready for work in a very different way to most of us. For him, it's a case of leaving the immaculately tailored suits in the wardrobe, while reaching for something a little more comfortable.

When Tempah stomps onto the stage for one of his massively energetic shows, he needs something that looks good but lets him shake his stuff. Just check out this outfit he wore during his performance at this year's Wireless festival.
A pair of sweet round-lens sunglasses kicks things off nicely – you can't connect with the fans if you're shielding your eyes and squinting at them. Then he plumped for a wicked oversized vest in crimson that kept him looking cool and comfortable for the duration of his set.

Same for the chino shorts – get a pair that fit right and you'll reach for them again and again, and Tempah's choice of khaki means they'll go with pretty much anything. If only all of our workwear could look this good…