So you’ve got your ‘Kiss The Chef’ apron washed, ironed and ready to wear to your next barbecue, but you’re not sure how to style the rest of the ensemble out. Well fear not, sausage-grilling friend, here is an outfit that will keep you looking cool when the heat is on. 

No man wants a rogue piece of ash or white-hot briquette landing between his toes when it comes to tending a barbie. Instead, keep things fresh – but enclosed – in a pair of light New Balance trainers.

Likewise, robust shorts are the thinking man’s option when it comes to barbecue attire – preferably something like denim, which acts as a good barrier between the flames and, well, you know. 

With your bottom half sorted, you’ll want to keep things smart-ish on top in an Oxford shirt, and ensure there’s a pair of sunglasses on standby to throw on in case a burger spontaneously combusts or it gets too smoky.

Finally, if it’s not your barbecue and you’ve been invited to someone else’s, you’ll need a backpack capable of transporting a selection of marinades and a large piece of Tupperware filled with sub-par coleslaw, such as the one below.  

Bon appetit!