David Beckham visited Wimbledon at the weekend and, frankly, we’re surprised it didn’t tear the fabric of the universe and suck us all into an incredibly British wormhole filled with bunting, Pimm's and people apologising to each other for very minor infractions.

Two icons – one physical, the other more of an experience – were together in one place, and obviously D-Becks looked the part. Leaving his biker leathers at home for the weekend, he pulled on a spectacular blazer in Prince of Wales check to enjoy the thwack of tennis ball on racquet.
But, as ever with Becks, it was the attention to detail that really won the day. From the college tie through to the pocket square and lapel pin, this is a masterclass in finishing off your look. And we can’t see what sunglasses he’s holding, but chances are they don’t feature any plastic palm trees.