There's a fresh new brand on the block, worthy of your serious consideration (and hard-earned dollar). Its name? Crooks & Castles.

Here's what you need to know about the latest star of streetwear.

What is it?
A brand influenced by the morally dubious underworld of 80s and 90s Los Angeles. So, no, it's not your average menswear label – in fact, it's straight up gangsta. Its founders even claim that criminals, hustlers and thieves inspired the first part of the brand name (they're the 'Crooks', of course), while those who became rich thanks to their ill-gotten gains inspired the second bit (because they're known on the street as 'Castles', duh!).

Why should you care?
Because sometimes you want to look a bit street but you can't find anything that looks authentic or hard-edged enough. That said, even if the whole tough guy hoodlum thing isn't your vibe, Crooks & Castles is also big on graphic print – which, regardless of whether you need an outfit to go hustlin' in or you just want something cool to wear on a night out, looks really strong.

Who wears it?
Wise guys and people with a keen eye for quality prints.

Wear it with…
A statement pair of trainers, skinny jeans and a grimace. The dark, gothic tone of this stuff makes it easy to wear, so commit to all-over monochrome for a cool, contemporary look.

If it were a meal, what would it be?
That thinly sliced steak that you cook yourself on a hot stone: satisfying, a bit dangerous, but ultimately very tasty.