Jack White's musical ventures always come with a signature look, one that usually gives a clue as to his latest sonic direction. So if the ultra-minimalist garage blues of early White Stripes came dressed down in monochrome red-and-white, and boho chic plus vintage Westernwear heralded the Raconteurs' take on classic FM rock, what to make of the axeman's latest style choice?

For the video to Lazaretto – the title track of his second solo album (released this week) – White has donned a quite spectacular paisley-ish printed suit. Which seems about right for a tune that is nothing if not incredibly busy, featuring crunching hard-rock solos, a seriously funky bass line and a jumble of lyrics delivered with a vaguely hip-hop accented verbal dexterity. Oh, and a nice violin bit at the end. 

Even if you're not quite ready for the full floral-flavoured two-piece – and, to be honest, unless you're an iconoclastic rock star with his own super-stylised mini empire of music production, we advise proceeding with caution – a killer patterned blazer can be a striking and surprisingly versatile addition to your wardrobe. Sport yours with a crisp white button-down or a plain black tee, throw on some slim black or grey jeans with a pin-roll and a nice pair of black boots. Finally, take a tip from Jack and muss up your locks – loud suit jacket + super-slick hair is a bit gameshow host.