Short of getting Neighbours'  Harold Bishop to model it, this outfit is about as Australian as it gets. A collection of fresh threads that evoke the colour and vibrancy of life Down Under, without adding a pair of garish board shorts or a hat with corks dangling from it into the mix.

On average, Sydney boasts 240 days of sunshine per year, which makes a strong pair of sunglasses essential. In addition to quality shades, though, a pair of sliders and a light polo shirt from Ralph Lauren is what you need to look and stay cool. For weekends that go from beach to bar and beyond, every Aussie knows it pays to equip yourself with a backpack capable of swallowing up all the essentials: y'know, sunscreen, a change of clothes, a few tinnies and a set of barbecue tongs.

Finally, keep a pair of Nike Air Max on hand because, regardless of the climate, there's no country in the world that doesn't appreciate the sight of a swoosh. #PROUD.