While Aaron Paul's character in Breaking Bad favoured baggy jeans and a gangsta hoodie, his outfit at this weekend's annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic proves that his off-camera style is a lot more polished. Although, admittedly, it's hardly surprising that he dresses with more panache than his miscreant alter ego, student-turned-drug lord Jesse Pinkman.

Here, AP offers a masterclass in seasonal tailoring, highlighting the importance of lighter shades and fabrics. If, like him, you're off to a polo match (yeah, right...) or you've another reason to sharpen up like, you know, a normal-person wedding, keep your outfit cool by opting for a light cotton or linen suit in a cool shade of blue.

Check out the products below, including some tasty accessories, which should help you cut a dash wherever you set out to impress.