Yes, the 90s are still a key reference when it comes to current styles, but whereas last season it was all about grunge, this time around the focus is on sporty items from the Coolio-flavoured end of the decade.
And when it comes to sports-influenced trends, there’s nothing hotter right now than basketball shorts. Yep, the low-slung, loose-fitting and airy (to say the least) style is a streetwear slam dunk.
Think Dangerous Minds and White Men Can’t Jump for some cinematic inspiration. It’s all about staying authentic to the original look, so get your white socks at the ready. Alternatively, for a contemporary spin on the whole thing, add mesh fabric or a jet-black colour scheme. You even could take your cue from the catwalk and wear meggings under yours, Kanye-style.
Either way, nobody can deny the comfort factor of a baggy pair of b-ball shorts,  so even if you don’t want to sport yours out and about, they're a pretty good match for the sofa. With a pizza.