Over the weekend, ultra-cool actor Sam Riley (On The Road, Maleficent), was in Italy for Milan Men's Fashion Week and, unsurprisingly, he made a bit of an effort.

Rolling up to the Ermenegildo Zegna show, Riley continued to shine as an understated king of menswear style. From the smart, monochrome sneakers on the ground floor, up through the pleated, oversized trousers in navy blue (feel free to stick with a slim or straight fit), it's all about light touches.

Even though he was at a properly posh do, Riley was able to keep things fairly informal by choosing an outfit – admittedly made up of very cool items – that he clearly feels comfortable in, which is a trick worth following. You can wear the coolest suit in the world to your mate's wedding, but if you're not comfortable, it'll show.

Riley's grey shirt and smashing acid-wash bomber jacket aren't going to win any tailoring awards, but that's not what he was going for. This is smart/casual with attitude, done right.