You don't have to own a yacht to pull off a pair of slip-on shoes. Though, of course, it helps.

Thanks to pioneers like Scott Disick and Tinie Tempah, the appetite for hands-free shoes has reached near insatiable levels, and proves that they're no longer the reserve of wealthy mariners or Riviera-dwelling pensioners.

And with that good news, here is our pick of the best slip-ons on site.

Dress slippers
For ultimate dandyism, shuffle your loaves into a pair of these and wear with cropped trousers and an air of aloofness.

Driving shoes
Arguably the most versatile style of shoe around, a quality pair of drivers can be worn as part of a smart or casual outfit.

Boat shoes

Searching for the perfect holiday shoe? Look no further, captain!


The ever-popular TOMS get an upgrade with a new suede finish. Ideal for the outdoors, but don't you dare get them wet.