The most important cherry on top of any outfit is the one stuck on top of your shoulders – yup, we're talking hair, people. Now, while you may think that a trip to the hairdresser once in a while is your job done, think again. With these easy steps, not only will your mop not flop, but you'd give Don Draper a run for his money.

Step 1: For this particular style, you need a bit of length (for tackling different dos for different lengths check out our smorgasbord of How To videos on youtube). First, wet your hair and then towel it off – straight after the shower works or just spritz it if you don't have time.

Step 2: Get some quality product, like this Featherweight Wax from Uppercut Deluxe. Warm it up in your hands, but not too much, before evenly running it through your hair so it's slicked back and you look a bit like an assassin.

Step 3: Get yourself a half-decent pocket comb with different levels of teeth, then carefully part your hair at the side and comb out until there's a clean line. Finally, dry it all off with a hairdryer, making sure you comb throughout, and then give it a bit of hairspray so it doesn't come apart as soon as you break a sweat.

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