If, like us, your day started at 12.01AM, when you rushed to log into your online bank account and check your balance, then happy pay day, friend! To celebrate being back in the ca$h, it's time to think about clever (and exciting) ways to splurge this month's hard-earned.

As you might expect, we recommend going big* on some new threads – specifically, a leather jacket from cool Swedish brand Nudie. Of course, we could wax lyrical about this jacket all day long. We won't, but it's safe to say it has the power to turn whoever wears it into a modern day Brando or McQueen. It's constructed from the sort of buttery-soft leather that marks it out as a sound, timeless investment, worthy of making a fresh dent in your bank balance.

*But if you can't afford to go big, that's cool – there are plenty of knockouts available with a lower price tag, too. Just take a look at the selection below.