Tom Hardy is manly. Manly enough to convincingly portray very scary prisoner Charles Bronson and incomprehensible super villain Bane. Manly enough to wrestle a bear, we imagine. Certainly manly enough to turn up at the premieres of films he's not even in and steal the red-carpet show by looking all badass in a trench coat.

The classic trench is both a style staple and a badge of old-school manliness: think Humphrey Bogart's jaded barkeep in Casablanca or Alain Delon's ice-cold assassin in Le Samouraï. It's also your trusted compadre at formal events during these inbetween days, when you'll want to shelter your suit from any surprise showers, but not swelter in an overcoat.

A lightweight, light-coloured trench coat is a particularly killer companion to clean, monochrome tailoring. This is ably demonstrated by Mr Hardy, accompanying his lady friend Charlotte Riley to the opening of her latest film Edge of Tomorrow – the old softy.