Snapped at the airport on the way to his sister-in-law’s wedding (a quiet affair in Florence-via-Paris this weekend, that saw Kim Kardashian wedded to Kanye West), Scott “Lord" Disick offered his usual masterclass in understated style.
When travelling, be it by plane, train or humble car, comfort is obviously your primary concern. But that doesn't mean you can’t look cool, as we’ve discussed before in our guide to airport style.
What you want to do is invest in soft, natural fabrics. Think lots of cotton and avoid denim, because tight jeans are not your friends on a long journey. Disick’s scoop-necked T-shirt is the perfect choice with its relaxed fit and almost stain-proof colour.
On your legs, you could do worse than invest in a pair of tailored joggers, which will ensure you look and feel the business (N.B. Don’t wear your joggers to actual business meetings). Try a cuffed pair in black or grey and finish with decent pair of sneaks. Oh, and bring a hoodie in case the films are rubbish and you want a kip.