There's being in the public eye and then there's being Robert Pattinson at the Cannes Film Festival. We're (probably) not exaggerating when we say that 97% of all the cameras in the world are pointed at him this picture.

So it made sense for him to dress up nice and leave the old seasonaire's hoodie at home. At the festival to promote his upcoming Aussie-set thriller The Rover, Pattinson absolutely nailed this smart casual outfit, and here's how.

Starting with the green, two-button blazer, Pattinson keeps it cool and comfortable, which is half the battle when you're on show at a film premiere  – or, more likely, birthday drinks for your mate. Pattinson then opts for a black polo shirt that gives the look a nice edge and adds in some dark indigo selvedge jeans, and a great pair of all-black pumps. Excellent stuff.