You don’t need to be Alex Turner to rock a skinny-fit suit. You don’t even need to be in a band – but it helps. Here’s how to turn a skinny two-piece into the most versatile and indispensable suit in your wardrobe in three easy steps. 

1. Break with convention, not tradition
If your calendar is heaving with swanky parties, weddings and days at the races, it’s tempting to play things safe in a conventional suit. But if you want to cut a serious dash, go rogue and opt for close-fitting tailoring instead. As a nod to tradition, add in the usual touches like a smart pocket square and tie, but allow this tightly constructed style to bring a more contemporary edge to proceedings.

2. Switch things up
Fact: there’s no law that says you have to wear a shirt under a suit jacket (although we draw the line at going bare-chested). In fact, for less formal occasions, you don’t want to look too aggressively tailored, so wearing a T-shirt under your jacket is a much cooler, more relaxed alternative. A pair of sunglasses hooked into the chest pocket pulls the look together a treat. 

3. Layer it up
If you think wearing your suit jacket as an actual jacket sounds like crazy talk, hear us out. Wearing your suit jacket over a thin knit and a patterned shirt looks the business and means you can stride into the office knowing full well you’re the best-dressed man in the room.