Ryan Reynolds literally has all of the luck. He's married to the achingly beautiful Blake Lively, for instance, and is the former Mr Scarlett Johansson. The man has a gift for attracting the world's most stunning women.

Whether this is down to a mega successful acting career, razor-sharp jawline, and boyish charm alone remains to be seen. But the fact that this affable Canadian has his smart-casual game down certainly helps.

Reynolds, pictured here at JFK airport, looks effortlessly cool in a pair of blue chinos, a crisp white shirt, and a cardigan. All simple, unpretentious stuff that's easy for anyone to pull off. His masterstroke, however, comes in the form of this wool coat. Even when the rest of your outfit is relatively toned-down, there's a certain suaveness to a wool coat that signals to everyone out there that you know exactly what you're doing.