One of the major trends for 2014 is Americana. Think sports jerseys - baseball and basketball - and bright, Hawaiian and tropical floral prints. With that in mind, the chaps at Made From Plastic - experts in vintage and Americana - picked five heritage items that still pack a style punch. 

Prospector Co. Peary & Henson Aftershave
With a cool scent of bay leaf and coriander this scent, and its ice blue colour, is inspired by early arctic and maritime explorers, including Robert Peary.

Kent Combs Folding Comb
The perfect pocket comb to take on your travels, from one of the oldest and finest comb manufacturers. This is an absolute essential, especially if you’re looking to channel your inner Alex Turner.

Musgo Real Shaving Cream Oak Moss
Originally developed for the aristocracy and now very much for the more discerning shaver, this is simply one of the best shaving creams around. A must if you're thinking of losing the beard this year.

Vintage Ralph Lauren Printed Shirt
Ralph Lauren has a fantastic archive of product, particularly where print is concerned. With two front pockets and a double hem, there's no reason this shirt can't go another 50 years.

Vintage Reyn Spooner Printed Shirt (Below)
Dating back to 1949, Reyn Spooner is one of the original Hawaiian and Aloha shirt manufacturers. These are true classics, and the perfect substitute if you can't stretch the Chevvy featured in the patter.