New year, lotsa new movies. Score. Here's your short list of what to see (and who to see it with) in 2014. 

1. The chick flick you should let your GF "drag" you toThat Awkward Moment, January 31

OK, get ready for the ultimate dude version of a chick flick. You'll definitely pick up some tips...and maybe even laugh. We won't tell.  

2. Superhero flick of the yearRoboCop, February 12 

Let's head to the year 2028 for the remake of RoboCop. Action, cyborgs and our new style icon Joel Kinnaman. Wins all around.

3. The kids movie you'll actually likeMuppets Most Wanted, March 21

With Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais on board, this is gonna be good. Like really good. Just bring a little sibling so you don't look like a total weirdo. 

4. The film you can never, ever see with your parentsNymphomaniac, Part 1: March 21, Part 2: April 18

Shia LaBeouf, the stunning Charlotte Gainsbourg and some seriously risqué content. Do not—we repeat—do not see this with your parents or anyone you get easily embarrassed in front of.

5. The future cult classic you can't missVeronica Mars, March 14

Even if you didn’t watch Kristen Bell as the badass PI on the hit show, there's a reason it raised nearly $6 million on KickStarter. Trust us on this one.