It's rare for an outdoorsy brand to crossover into cool. In fact, it's very rare, so here's why Patagonia should be on your radar - if only for its t-shirts.

What is it? Described as the Gucci of outdoor wear, Patagonia is the brand that helped make fleeces cool. And they should know; it was founded by mountaineering hero Yvon Chouinard.

Why should you care? Because Patagonia does. In 1996, they switched all their cotton to organic.

What can we say? The brand's heart is in the environment.

Just how practical are they? Think of the brand as highly resourceful. All pieces are made from recycled materials and they'll last you a while (let's not forget this is outerwear we're talking about).

Who wears it? Barack Obama, Shia LaBeouf and Ryan Reynolds are famous fans.

If it were a meal, what would it be? A reliable tin of beans or any survival food that doesn't expire quickly and will last more than a week in the mountains.