The world awoke to shocking news today. Cartoonish pop-starlet, Katy Perry has dethroned gurning child-star, Justin Bieber as the most followed celebrity on Twitter. 

After nine months on the top spot, Bieber’s 46,506,089 (at time of writing) followers fell to the electric pink swords of Perry’s 46,527,639 (at time of writing) militant followers. And isn’t it all a bit depressing. 

But fear not, we’ve rounded up our five favourite tweeters to help you smile through the pain of a society gone so very, very wrong. 46 MILLION! Sort it out, humanity… 

1. @Mangal2 


Not your average Turkish restaurant, the chaps at Mangal 2 in London have a unique approach to social media and customer service. Mainly it consists of being really funny and a bit rude. Like so: “Most restaurants are open 6-11pm to cater those working 9-5. Well we're open 12pm-1am because drug mules, stalkers & weirdos need to eat too” 

2. @Robdelaney 


This US comedian has racked up nearly a million followers with his mixture of toilet humour, politics, toilet humour, stuff about heavy metal bands and also plenty of sad/funny stuff. “Gang, what are some fun memes? My cousin just had his hands torn off by a thresher.” 

3. @A_single_bear 


Do bears wander around the woods on their own, musing on life, love, depression and whether any bears have ever been shot into space? Apparently they do. “If you give a bear a fish, you feed it for a day. If you teach a bear to fish, you wasted your time. Bears can already fish. I am a bear.” 

4. @The_Dolphin_Pub 


Notorious East London party pub. Famous for sticky floors, big nights out, queasy hipsters and a very funny, foul-mouthed, booze focused twitter feed. “Does the five second rule still apply when it's soup?” 

5. @TheRock 


Hollywood hero, wrestler, nice man and new ASOS favourite, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is also a superb tweeter. Check out this walking, talking monolith for inspiration, humour and lots of pictures of terrifying whey-based breakfasts. “Depending on where you be.. Good morning. Good afternoon. Goodnight. Either way, Happy Sunday.#Reflect #Focus #Strategize #Pancakes