The 20th anniversary of one of the baddest Western flicks of all time is fast approaching friends. We’re talking about Tombstone, of course. This film that had it all: cowboys, outlaws, gunfights, the whole shebang. It also had a hell of a lot of 'stache. Here's why we'd want to lasso some brews (and a couple whiskey shots) with these dudes.  1. Everything in this movie was as close to accurate as it gets. The famous O.K. Corral gunfight scene was nearly identical to the real thing. That's a whole lot of choreography to memorize. Who knew Kurt Russell had it in him?!   2. These guys had to wear true-to-life wool costumes during the filming, which was in the summer… in Arizona. One day, it was reportedly 134 degrees. Here's hoping they had extra Old Spice on set. 3. Their mustaches. In accordance with Movember, how can we not praise the most epic movie 'staches of all time? Cheers, boys. They were so ahead of their time.