When it was confirmed last week that Outkast would be hitting the stage at Coachella, we were stoked. But the good news didn't stop there: turns out they're reuniting for a full tour, featuring new tracks in 2014. The last time we heard new material from these guys was way back in 2006. Here's why we can't wait to have 'em back...

1. Their lyrics have serious selling power. Remember 'Shake it like a Polaroid picture’? Well, it revitalized Polaroid's brand, and the iconic company even started to work with the band. Yep, that's some marketing genius. 

2. Big Boi and Andre have a classic bromance—and they don't let any industry BS get in the way. It was rumoured they were feuding for years, but Big Boi recently revealed it's not true…at all. 'That's my brother,' Big Boi reassured CNN in February. 

3. Their get-ups were one-of-a-kind. Is it just us, or does Andre dress like a retired 90-year-old living in Boca?