To make it at all in TV or the Talkies, you need a cast iron belief in your own ability, a copper-bottomed resilience to rejection and a tin bath full of talent. 

But if you want to make it to the A-list, you're going to need a little something else: the ability to grow a majestic moustache. One of those crowd pleasing face toupees that screams to anyone in your eye line: "Yeah, my taxes are in order, I know how to tie several different knots, and I can play 'When the Saints Go Marching In' on the French horn." In Hollywood, as in real life, a fine moustache is a short hand for manliness and a UN passport to respect. There are too many famous mos for us to cover in one story, but we've managed to whittle it down to just six of the finest facial hair ambassadors as Movember approaches its last week.