Don’t lie. How many times have you listened to Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged session? Hundreds? Thousands? That’s what we thought. Well... it’s officially been 20 years since the boys got together to film the epic acoustic set in NYC and we still know the words to every single song.

Here's why we want to grab a beat up flannel, hop on a tour bus time machine and revisit the glory days of grunge with Kurt… 

1. Most MTV Unplugged sessions took hours and were heavily edited. Nirvana's was filmed in one take. Yeah, they were that good.  

2. These days, you know Smells Like Teen Spirit as one of the most popular grunge songs ever—but it was actually a women's deodorant brand, which was worn by Cobain’s then girlfriend. 

3. He loved Weird Al Yankovic. How awesome is that? He supposedly referred to him as a 'musical genius.' We bet he felt the same, Kurt.