Disney did it first. And since the Mouse opened his house to the public, Christmas, Charles Dickens, Dolly Parton and even overexposed porcine superstar, Peppa Pig, have opened their own theme parks. Now it's the turn of bow wielding, government toppling, heroine, Katniss Everdeen. 

The CEO of Lionsgate - the company behind the blockbuster films - has announced they're in talks for a Hunger Games themed amusement park ride. Knowing that dystopian blood sports aren't everyone's cup of vanilla chai, here are some alternatives. 

Downton Abbey world 

Experience the dizzying highs of living as aristocracy, and the crippling lows of being their staff in post-Edwardian England. Rides include The-Dame-Maggie-Smith-a-Tron, an 80mph thrill ride culminating in a disapproving look. 

Gravity Towers 

Buckle up! You're about to be strapped into a high-tech suit and literally fired into space. Once there, you'll drift alone with nothing but regrets to keep you company until your air runs out. 

Breaking Badland 

Enjoy a yearlong descent into criminality and deprivation before systematically alienating your entire family. Shortly after which, you die. 

The Hangover Experience 

After a complimentary - and mandatory - bottle of spirits, you and your friends will embark on the adventure of a lifetime. The first time will be great, the second go will be fine, and the third will leave you deeply confused, disappointed and wanting your money back.