For a while, beards were reserved for librarians, geography teachers and arctic fishermen. But now, they've never been cooler. However, as with any sort of hair, there's upkeep involved.  With party season in full swing, it's time to ensure yours is tame and trim, even if you're going for a fuller, statement beard. Follow these trusty steps to a beautiful beard:

 Wash your face as usual.

 Towel-dry it and use a beard oil (or conditioner) of your preference - there are plenty on the market. This is like leave-in conditioner for your beard, which should leave it looking nice and glossy. Also, importantly, it prevents beard dandruff... 

 Comb it out using a natural bristle brush while damp. 

 Leave it to dry naturally or lightly blow-dry it. 

 Trim and shape it using small scissors and a comb. Don't trim too close to the jawline, as it could make you look a bit slick (in a bad way). 

 Remember - be patient. Don't go in there like a bull in a china shop by grabbing big wads of hair and start hacking. Group small sections of hair together and carefully start sculpting it, taking into account the contours of your face. 

 If you want to, use some beard wax to shape your moustache.