Forget Dowagers and Downton Abbey, because next year's sword, sandal and slow-mo epic, 300: Rise of an Empire, is here to rain fire on the traditional period drama. Rise of an Empire is the highly anticipated sequel to 300, the brutal battle drama that saw Gerard Butler and his bros step-up to a load of jerks from Persia. Sure they lost, but it was a stunning film and it made us do sit-ups in the morning for at least three days.

Incredibly, Rise of an Empire will be even bigger, if this explosive new trailer is anything to go by. Lena Heady returns as Queen Gorgo, the widow of Butler's character, who's seeking revenge for her husband's death. The baddies come in the form of Eva Green's wild-eyed Artemisia, and that jazzy God King from the first film, Xerxes, while buff guy in a cape duties go to the excellently named, Sullivan Stapleton, as Themistocles.  Expect huge and bloody battles, slow motion decapitations, and poetic passages of dialogue that can be paraphrased as, 'I'm going to kick your head in with my big army.' Bring it on. 300: Rise of an Empire will hit cinemas nationally in 2014.