We would, of course, never advocate excess in anyway. But we do acknowledge that things do happen, especially on New Year's Eve. So rather than starting your 2014 with a head like an abandoned canal, here's some simple tips to help you win on January 1st. 


Drink lots of it. Preferably before, during, and after your little soiree. Alcohol can dehydrate you, so make sure you definitely have some before switching out the light. 


There's not actually a cure for hangovers, but you can certainly ease the pain. For some people, coffee is a must. But if you don't drink the black stuff, most hot drinks can give you much needed boost. 

A fry up 

Hopefully you followed the most ancient party rule and had a decent dinner before you went out. But if not, the traditional fry-up can sort you right out. Concerned about snotty eggs? Cook it yourself. 


No one's expecting you to spring out of bed for a swift 10k, but getting up and getting active can cure the worst of things. Sweat that badness out with a walk, swim, or even a few laps of the garden. 

A dog 

While scientists are yet to prove, or perhaps even bother testing this, we're pretty sure that cuddling a dog when you're feeling sorry for yourself is the best way to cure what ails you.